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Product Overview

MX3200 is with multi-purpose usage and high stability, reliability.

After carefully comparison, selection and test, MX3200 adopts excellent components like Toshiba transistors, Neutrik® connectors and Belden audio wires, etc. High quality materials and technology ensure clear and clean sound and high damping factor to satisfy the requirements of various power output. It is very suitable for small fixed installation market like multi-function hall, meeting room, restaurant and supermarket, etc.

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Outstanding Speaker System

The bass channel of MX3200 can work stably at 2 ohm load with the power of 1200W. It means MX3200 can driver two basses. Therefore, one piece of MX3200 can drive four speakers at most to build up a sound system: two stereos and two basses.



Freely Adjustable Crossover Point

Rotary controls for left and right channels on the rear panel allow the users to adjust the frequency between 70Hz-120Hz for favorite sound system.



Freely Configurate Sound Effect

Users can link more audio equipments through the RCA connector on the back panel of MX3200, and configurate different sounds according to their own taste.

Rated Power(20Hz-20KHz, <0.1%THD)

2×200W+540W@8Ω stereo

2×350W+850W@4Ω stereo

SUB: 1200W@2Ω stereo

A-Guard Protection System

DC protection /Short circuit protection /Smart overheat management /Overheat protection /Input overload protection /Output overload protection /Soft startup protection / Limiter protection Up to 8V

Frequency Response(1W 8Ω stereo)

A&B: 60Hz-20KHz(±0.5dB)




Input Connectors


Output Connectors

NEUTRIK® male XLR & female XLR

4×NEUTRIK®  Speakon NL4MP

Filter Capacitor Capacity

A&B: 2200μf / 63V×4  

SUB: 10000μf / 80V×2

Input Impedance

Balanced 20KΩ/ Unbalanced 10KΩ

Crosstalk(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


S/N Ratio(Rated power 8Ω, A weighted)


Damping Factor(1KHz&8Ω)

A&B: ≥250    SUB: ≥300   

Intermodulation Distortion

(20Hz-20KHz, half power)


Total Harmonic Distortion

(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


Phase Response(1W&8Ω, 20Hz-20KHz)

20Hz+6°  20KHz-23°

Slew Rate


Output Circuitry

Class AB

Power Consumption

(Dual channel driven 4Ω, 1/8RMS/230V)


Rack Space



A&B / SUB: Three speed, front to back venting



Net Weight