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AUDIOCENTER ADDS K-LA212-DSP New Dual 12" Active Line array Cabinet

AUDIOCENTER has revealed the latest addition to its product line, the New Active DSP controlled line array called the K-LA212-DSP, designed specially for the medium-sized venues, can be mainly used for the fixed installation and medium sized touring performance such as stadium, exhibition hall, multi function hall, banquet, concert hall, and high end entertainment venues.


It has been optimized for an array of 3 cabinets minimum and up to 16 cabinets maximum. Each cabinet comprises of Two 12-inch (3" Voice coil) customized LF driver from Beyma plus Two 2.84-inch composite membrane customized HF Driver from Beyma coupled to a constant directivity horn through a patented Dual Phase design to ensure even coverage and accurate directivity with 90-degree Horizontal coverage and 60- degree Horizontal for long throw and 12-degree vertical coverage. Constant Coverage without breakup or attenuation can be Flown and Ground Stacked for different applications and venues.


Two way cross over design is powered by Tri Amplified class-D 1600 Watts amplifier from PASCAL. Its operating frequency range is 55Hz to 20KHz, with 4 way rigging point and built in DSP of 96KHz signal sampling frequency 56 bit Precision with advance cooling system, optimized and compact light weight cabinet design built with a rock solid humidity free Russian birch plywood with CNC made cabinet touring grade emery spray. 


Meanwhile the K-LA218-DSP is a BASS reflex design Subwoofer Designed to be the perfect Compliment for K-LA212-DSP in Larger system configurations. It's a double 18 inch dual 4 inch inside outside voice coil with long excursion cone customized driver from BEYMA driven by 2 channel of class-D 2800 watts amplifier from PASCAL. Its operating frequency range is 32Hz to 150Hz with built in DSP of 96KHz Signal sampling frequency 56 bit Precision with 3 user preset to choose different Low pass settings from 80Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz. Deep bass reflex ensures Linear power response, Incredible Power Handling, 52mm Long Excursion cone & Perfect Control with Russian Birch Plywood enclosure and Tour Grade Emery coating. EASE GLL files are available for EASEFOCUS system simulation design.