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Product Overview

V-HLA15+ MKII, an active crossover line array cabinet, is designed to meet the high demand of touring performance of rental and fixed installation with outstanding clarity.

The LF driver is customized BEYMA neodymium 15” driver with 4” voice coil, and the HF driver is customized BMS coaxial neodymium driver with 1.7” voice coil(HF) and 3.5” voice coil(MF) . Innovative T.A.C. wave former technology ensures very good clarity and dynamic effect. The system is with coverage angle of ( H°xV°) 90°x 12°, which makes accurate coverage no matter in vertical or horizontal direction. The OHAC phase technology in LF is to improve the phase response of off-axis, make the MF richer and smooth the join of frequency band. Result is more consistent and much more impressive sound.

The selected neodymium drivers make V-HLA15+ MKII lighter, which is good for easy moving and transportation. Russian birch plywood CNC made cabinets can be used for matrix of up to 16 speakers.

V-HLA15+ MKII can be installed vertically. The hanging accessories are made of stainless steel and built in the cabinet. There are 9.5mm diameter highly durable pins. The system can be configured in modularization according to the venues. Same frame can be either used for flying the arrays or for ground stacking the arrays (We suggest 4 cabinets maximum for stacking)To meet different demands, the vertical angle of the frame is 4°/ 2°/ 0°/ -2°/ -4° adjustable.

Together with CA450 touring power supply and patch panel, V-HLA15+ MKII can be used as “plug & play” system to meet the demands from small to large sound system.

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● Innovative T.A.C. HF horn waveguide technology (patented)

● OHAC phase technology

● Customized drivers from BEYMA and BMS

● HF horn design with DMF composite material

● Optimized, compact and ergonomical cabinet design

● CNC made Russian birch plywood

● Touring grade emery spraying

● Comprehensive rigging system


Active crossover line array speaker

Application System

3 cabinet minimum, 16 cabinets maximum per array

Frequency Response

(-6dB anechoic chamber)


Rated Power(AES standard)

LF: 800W    HF/MF: 70W/150W

LF Sensitivity


LF Maximum SPL


HF Sensitivity


HF Maximum SPL


Horizontal Coverage Angle



Vertical Coverage Angle



LF Driver

Customized BEYMA neodymium 15” driver, 4” voice coil, 800W(AES)

HF Driver

Customized BMS neodymium driver, 1.4”exit, 1.7” voice coil , 80W(AES)(HF)/3.5” voice coil,150W(AES)(MF)

Rated Impedance

LF: 8Ω  HF: 8Ω

2 Way Amplifier

LF: 8Ω(+2, -2)     HF: 8Ω(+1, -1)

Input Connectors


Cabinet Material

Russian birch plywood CNC made

Cabinet Color

Black and white available, can be customized according to the RAL code



Net Weight


● 14U flightcase

● CA450 touring power supply and Patch Panel

● DA, ACP series amplifier

● SW series subwoofer

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