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Live sound


Have you participated in a concert at the coast? Have you participated in a concert under the sun-exposure? Have you participated in a concert in the rainstorm? If you haven’t, KHANOM FESTIVAL will bring you all above experience in a concert.


On 17th July, KHANOM FESTIVAL was on show at the coast. It’s an enjoyable experience for ten thousands people, even though they were under the sun exposure and the rainstorm. Ten bands and other local famous artists gave passionate performance from 5:30pm to 2:30am for totally 9 hours. Audiocenter supports the music festival with her stable performance under such severe environment.


PLS – Professional Light and Sound based in Bangkok was called up to handle the sound for this huge concert, they (PLS) chose AUDIOCENTER as their preferred P.A for such huge requirements from BANDS tech rider. PLS deployed AUDIOCENTER’s premium Line array speakers called V-HLA12+ MKII.


The stage is 18 meters wide, 13 meters deep and 2 meters high, while the audience area is 70 meters long and 50 meters wide. To cover the audience area, the rig was classic Left and Right cluster of 16 cabinets of V-HLA12+ MKII for each cluster and the distance between the two clusters was 20 meters apart. The System was suspended from 10 meters high from the ground, which cover the 70 meters of audience area Totally 20 units Audiocenter SW218 Dual 18” subwoofers are placed in the front of the stage in End Fire configuration. They were positioned into 5 arrays, for minimizing the unnecessary low frequency spill on the stage.

Front fills was taken care by AUDIOCENTER TS Series which is DSP Controlled Powered Loud Speaker, 4 cabinets of TS12 was used as Front Fills.

The side fills for the stage was deployed with 2 clusters of Audiocenter K-LA28-DSP line array, with each cluster containing 3 units of K-LA28-DSP and a SW218 subwoofer. The On-stage monitoring was provided by AUDIOCENTER PF+ series speakers with the combination of both 12” and 15” speaker which is 2-way active/passive crossover full range speaker with 90H X 60V rotatable horn with customized compression driver and Woofer from BEYMA.


Audiocenter Technical Director Mr. Pei and Product Manager Mr. Weng gave support and direction to the sound system on show site. The P.A was powered with AUDIOCENTER DA Series amplifiers to match with the speakers for excellent sound quality and coverage, Overall the FOH engineer thoroughly enjoyed the concert and commended the way we had set up the sound system.